About Amity

We’re an investment advisor firm,
looking to make a difference.

Founded in 2014, Amity Capital is registered investment advisor in California. Our mission is to make investing easier and more accessible. This done by eliminating barriers to investing such as account minimums, and lowering fees to allow for an affordable investment experience with a personal investment advisor. Our objective is to produce customized investment strategies for our investors that suit their investment objectives and help them meet their investment goals.

Another one of our missions is to give back to the community. Last year, 49.1 million Americans, including 15.8 million children, lived in food insecure households. To do our part, we’ve commtted to donating 5% of our net income to Feeding America’s local chapter, as well as volunteering our time there. For more information on Feeding America or to donate, click here.

Click here to view an infographic of our mission.