Amity Advantage

The better way to invest. Perfect for new investors, and those rolling over retirement accounts.

A little about Amity Advantage

Amity Capital has partnered with Betterment to create Amity Advantage, an investment platform which makes investing easier and more accessible than ever. 

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Still not convinced? Try our calculator to see how much of a difference time has the potential to make on your investments.


The investment process starts by giving you advice based on your age and goals to build the right customized portfolio


This is a general account designed to grow your wealth over time. We provide a recommended allocation according to the number of years you want to stay invested. The allocation can be customized to any timeline.

Safety Net

growth_safetynetThis account is designed to ensure you have a prudent emergency fund on hand without giving up potential growth over time. The allocation is designed to manage volatility.


This is a long-term investment account. We offer both taxable and tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Our advice customizes an asset allocation and suggests a monthly deposit according to your retirement age.

An advisor to guide you to your target


Personal Investment Advisor

With Amity Advantage, you get a personal investment advisor to walk you through the investment process



Meet With Your Advisor

Meet with an advisor every year to go over your investment performance and update your investment profile



Assess Changes and Update Your Goals

Go over changes to your financial situation and investment objectives with your advisor. Your advisor will use this information to make changes to your investment goals and make sure you’re on track to meet these targets.



An optimal allocation tailored to you

When you deposit money into your account, every dollar is seamlessly invested in up to 12 different asset classes, optimized for your selected asset allocation.

Stock and bond ETFs are optimally weighted to provide a progressively increasing amount of risk and potential return.  Lower risk portfolios have more short-term government-backed bonds and less volatile stocks.  Short-term government bonds exit the portfolio above 42% stocks.  As you move up the allocation spectrum, we introduce bonds and stocks with higher risk but higher potential returns.

How each fund is selected

Each ETF has been selected to balance considerations of low cost and high liquidity as a means to access each asset class. When making the selection for each ETF, we considered the following: expense ratio, bid-ask spread, assets under management, number of holdings, exchange rate hedging, and capital gains implications.

Just a few features

Personal Investment Advisor

Meet with your investment advisor annually to go over performance, discuss changes to allocations, and get personalized advice based on changes to your financial situation or goals.

No Trading Fees

Avoid costly commissions on trades. There are no trading fees whatsoever on the platform.

Tax Inoculation

Short-term capital gains exposure is kept to a minimum with automated account management.

Fractional Shares

Amity Advantage supports fractional shares to maximize every dollar you have invested, even if it’s not enough to buy a full share.

A simple management fee

of your average annual balance


This includes:
Personal Investment Advisor
No trading fees
No commissions

Accounts under $10,000

Also pay $5/mo
Waive the fee by depositing over $250/mo


Time is money. Utilize the power of compound interest over time to make the most out of your investment. Can you afford not to start investing?

*Compound interest illustration and information do not guarantee future results, profit, or growth. Past performance does not guarantee future results, and the likelihood of investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature.